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        Oct. 12~13, 2022

        Fazzaco Expo

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        Fazzaco Business Awards 2022
        Fazzaco, a leading B2B forex info hub, is excited to present our Business Awards 2022, which is intended to offer you a guidance as to best in the bunch.

        Forex and crypto margin trading and related business carry a high level of risk. It is difficult to tell a company’s strength at first glance. So why bother? Fazzaco now saves your time and energy in selecting quality partners that are dedicated to innovation and groundbreaking achievements.

        Join us in the Fazzaco Business Awards 2022 as we celebrate near-universally praised market players.

        Awards will be granted at Fazzaco Expo to be held in Dubai this October. We look forward to returning to the charm and interaction of in-person events.
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