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BMLL Technologies

BMLL Technologies is a venture-capital backed, London based fintech founded in 2014 which spun out of the Engineering Department at Cambridge University. The Company now has over 50 staff based in its central London office in Victoria and is growing rapidly. BMLL is a data aggregator that operates a marketplace B2B model, enabling suppliers and consumers to efficiently extract value from financial data. In disrupting an out-dated market data distributor model and replacing it with a low friction platform, BMLL is unique.BMLL partners with matching engine owners across geographies and asset classes to provision a central data lake of curated pcap data on its platform. This data is exposed through a REST API to consumers, along with highly-scalable computational resources and analytics. The core dataset BMLL works with is the L3 limit order book (LOB) data, meaning that individual orders can be seen along with their metadata. Through managed service offerings, BMLL takes private order flow data from brokers and EMS providers and combines it with the L3 public feed to generate L4 data. By enabling pattern recognition on the L4 data for our customers, we are able to provision a step change in trading ability. The functionality can be exposed to end users (devs, quants, etc) or applications. Examples of applications include execution, predictive analytics, market surveillance, post trade compliance and signal generation. BMLL runs a rolling recruitment process for the most exceptional of candidates. In general, we look for a strong first-class degree from a leading university in a STEM subject, at least two years of industry experience and outstanding programming skills. Our open positions can be found here

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